12 August 2017

DPR Ombudsman's office sends letters on Ukrainian pressure on DPR defenders’ families

DPR Human Rights Ombudsman’s office sent official letters, based on claims of the Republic’s soldiers concerning the facts of pressure, put on their families on the Ukrainian special services’ part, to the UN representatives, reports the Ombudsman’s office press-service.

‘The DPR Human Rights Ombudsman got claims of two DPR soldiers of 1983 and 1966 years of birth with a request to provide legal defense and assistance in addressing international organizations. The official letters, based on the claims received, were sent to the UN representatives on human rights,’ said the press-service’s representative.

It was specified that to influence the DPR soldiers, moral and psychological pressure was repeatedly put to their relatives, who live in the Kiev-controlled Donbass territory. Apart from it, soldier’s families received threats of illegal persecution on the part of Ukrainian secret services’ representatives.

It should be added that on the eve, at the briefing in Donetsk, two DPR Armed Forces’ servicemen, from Kramatorsk (part of the Donetsk region controlled by Kiev) and Pervomaisky (Kharkiv region) Oleg Boyko and Igor Grigoriev told journalists about threats received by their families from Ukrainian State Security Service.

DONi News Agency