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SaveDonbassPeople (SDP) in Donetsk is privately funded non-governmental organization, which is managed by DONi Donbass News Agency and International Press Center.

DONi Group is founded 15.7.2015 in Donetsk City where our actions are based in two offices. SDP will start its independent actions 1.11.2015 and its director is Finnish citizen and volunteer Janus Putkonen, who is chief-editor in DOni News. SDP and DONi is officially supported by Donetsk People's Republic and its actions are done by respect DPR/LNR laws and regulations in close cooperation with our partners and officials in Russia.

All actions done by SaveDonbassPeople will be monitored closely and transparently in DONi News and DONi Press websites. SDP is managed from same offices what are publishing official and international news from Donbass region. Contacts to SDP are same with DONi Press Center, which is located in middle of Donetsk City.

What we do?

1. Defending the Truth

Donbass and its people are not attacked only by military and economic way. Truth has been the first victim of war and great deception has been witnessed by western mainstream media about true nature of conflict in Donbass. SaveDonbassPeople in Donetsk City is main part of Donbass international news agency and press center DONi, which is officially supported and privately funded non-profit making media organization. International DONi media project was launched in July 2015 and after it's start-up, DONi news rooms in Donetsk city center are producing daily news from Donbass with 7 languages with two news sites and social media. With your needed support, the main weapon of Donbass – truth and awareness - can spread more widely around the world and we can be real change makers in information defence for Donbass people.

2. Relief & Aid for Donbass

People Western backed Kiev forces has waged merciless war against its citizens in former Ukrainian territories in Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. Because Ukrainian blockade of Donbass almost whole need of humanitarian relief has been in shoulders of Russian world. Its high time to open transparent and trusted ways to bring help for Donbass people from all directions. International SaveDonbassPeople relief & aid programs gives you direct possibility to help those who have suffer most, who needs your help. DONi News Agency will monitor closely all SDP programs in close cooperation with local officials and authorities. You give us possibility to help and we offer you full coverage from results of programs, finding and presenting always new useful and interesting ways to save Donbass people.

3. Social & Media

There are many ways for everyone to join common and needed efforts to bring peace and stability to Donbass region. By SaveDonbassPeople organization in Donetsk City we are constantly building global cooperation network to activate ProDonbass movement around the world. There are lots of works to get done in every country, direct tasks to share with friends of Donbass in different languages. By attending ”SDP-Friends” program you will soon find out several ways to help Donbass people. In the way you will find new friends, social groups and you can work directly with people living in Donbass. To join ProDonbass social & media you need only computer and internet connection to start important involvement for Donbass people.

4. Volunteer works in Donetsk

SDP and DONi organizations are active part of society in Donetsk, involving more and more to press works and humanitarian issues with our partners. For those who wants to travel to Donetsk to take part in projects, programs and tasks, we can offer possibilities to join. DONi Press Center will give you all needed information and SDP can host people in Donetsk from all around the world. Send us application by joining SDP Friends network. To your notice, SaveDonbassPeople doesnt hire foreigners to its organization or pay your traveling tickets, but can give you interesting tasks, needed facilities to achieve goals, accepted position in country and safe gateway to join Donetsk society. In SDP and DONi organizations we have common motto: ”We all as One”, and we invite you to come with us for Donbass people.

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